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Nashville Predators Live Stream 2021

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The 2020-21 Nashville Predators NFL season is the 22nd season for the franchise in the National Hockey League (NHL).  The Nashville Predators kicked off its 2020-21 NFL season by playing 5-2 win over Minnesota Wild. You can access Nashville Predators’ live stream both on TV and mobile.

If you are a hockey freak, you might not want to miss out on a single NHL game, don’t you? Stick with us to find out how you can follow all 82 hockey games of the 2020-21 NHL season.

How to access Nashville Predators live from home?

For home viewers, it is quite easy to follow NHL live. In the United States and Canada, you can follow hockey on both regional and national TV channels. Rogers Communications holds the national TV broadcast rights of the National Hockey League in Canada.  And there are other several regional networks to broadcast regional hockey games in Canada.

In the United States, NBC sports the national TV broadcasting rights of the NHL. The national broadcast of NHL in the US will also air on networks like USA Network, NHL Network, and CNBC.

Nashville Predators Live Stream 2021
Nashville Predators live stream

For regionally broadcasting NHL games, one can follow network chains like NBC Sports Regional Networks, Fox Sports Networks, MSG Network, and AT&T SportsNet.

The non-Wednesday regular-season games and playoff games from the first round are non-exclusive on NBCSN. But the national telecast of those games will be subjected to regional blackout.

How to watch Out-of-Market NHL Games?

There are two NHL services that will allow you to watch out-of-market games. The two subscription-based services are NHL Center Ice in the US and NHL Center Ice in Canada.  You can get your hands on the offer through a cable TV provider.

Can I watch Nashville Predators live on NHL Center Ice?

In the United States, NHL Center Ice allows viewers to watch forty out-of-market games throughout the regular NHL season. You can follow out-of-market games with both regional and national networks with NHL Center Ice.

NHL Center Ice also includes Canadian broadcasts such as CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada and NHL on Sportsnet. The service also gives access to the local games included in out-of-region games. There will be a free preview of regular NHL games on NHL Center Ice for the first three weeks.

Is NHL Center Ice available in the US?

In the United States, some providers provide high definition games, while some list NHL games on the same channels as MLB Extra Innings that might or might not be on high definition.

While you can watch out-of-region NHL games broadcast on NBC with NHL Center Ice, there are several games that you won’t be able to watch with NHL Center Ice. The following games will not be on NHL Center Ice.

  • NHL Center Ice will not show games that will be on national TV like NBC, NHL Network, or NBCSN.
  • High definition games that air on MSG and its subsidiaries.
  • OTA, RDS, and RDS2 broadcasts.

You can contact the following cable providers to access NHL Center Ice in the US.

  • Bright House Networks
  • Adams Cable
  • Cablevision
  • Blue Ridge Communications
  • Comcast
  • Charter Communications
  • Dish Network
  • DirecTV
  • Frontier Communications
  • RCN
  • Time Warner
  • Summit Broadband

The regional blackouts apply based on the NHL Center Ice subscriber’s location.

Watch NHL live on Mobile/ PC

The streaming service is a Canadian digital cable subscription service for out-of-market sports which is owned by Rogers Communications. NHL Center Ice Canada is offered by three different TV cable providers namely TELUS Optik TV, Bell TV, and Telus Satellite TV. The service is also available on digital cable providers like Cogeco, Shaw, Eastlink, and others.

You can stream regular-season games, selected play-off games played out of the local viewing zone. It offers high-definition games. The service does not black any NHL games based on attendance. But all home teams are blacked out in their designated TV markets. For instance, viewers in Nashville cannot watch Nashville Predators live stream on NHL Center Ice Canada. Such local games will be available on any local Nashville TV cable that holds NHL regional broadcasting rights.

NHL Center Ice is available with the following cable TV providers.

  • TELUS Satellite TV
  • Bell Aliant
  • Bell TV
  • Access Communications
  • Shaw Direct
  • Rogers Cable
  • Cogeco Cable
  • Videotron
  • SaskTel maxTV
  • Westman Communications
  • Vianet

Regional blackouts are a form of strict geo-blocking. Not only it stops viewers from streaming NHL games from overseas but it also prevents games from airing on specific locations in regards to the physical location of the viewer.

NHL sells its local games broadcasting rights to local networks. So, it is better to stick to local networks to follow your favorite team from the region of playing.

How to Avoid Regional Blackouts?

The best way to bypass regional blackouts on whichever channel you wish to watch NHL is to use a VPN service (Virtual Private Network). Below is a quick guide to bypassing NHL games by using a VPN.

  • Firstly, sign up for a VPN, choose a recommend one
  • Install the VPN service you find reasonable enough for you
  • After you download the VPN, you have to log in to the service

Connect your VPN server to the required location. If you follow the Nashville Predators and are based in that area, you can connect to any server other than Carolina.

This way you can follow the Nashville Predators games.

NHL Broadcasters List



United Kingdom

Premier Sports


Setanta Sports



Czech Republic/ Slovakia

NOVA Sport

Pan European/ Sub-Saharan Africa

ESPN American

France/ Monaco/Switzerland

Canal Plus Sports

Sub-Saharan Africa

Zuku Sports/ Setanta Sports


Sport TV

Watch NHL games on NHL Network in HD

National Hockey League co-owns the NHL Network. NHL Networks is a TV channel fully devoted to broadcast NHL games live. Also, the NHL Network will bring NHL highlights, analyses, news, and interviews. Initially, there were two separate versions of the NHL Network in the United States and Canada. The Canadian version of NHL Network was pulled out of service in September 2015 due to the acquisition of sole national media rights to NHL by Rogers Communications.

The US version of the NHL Network is still active. The NHL Network will telecast regular-season games in the United States that are not shown by NBC Sports and its subsidiaries.  The play-offs will also air on NHL Network in the United States. You can use the service to follow the HD streaming of NHL games.

How to bypass Regional Blackouts on NHL Network?

Whichever network you choose to watch NHL live on TV, there will be regional blackouts. But, you can use a VPN service to bypass regional blackouts.

For viewers in the United States and Canada, you can watch NHL games live that are played outside of your state and those games where your local team is playing. But to follow such games where your local team is not playing or games taking place out of their place, you will need a VPN service.