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Los Angeles Kings Live Stream

The 2019-20 National Hockey League (NHL) is the 53rd season of Los Angeles Kings in the competition. The Kings began its 2019-20 NHL campaign, playing 6-5 defeat to Edmonton Oilers on October 6, 2019. If you don’t want to miss out on Los Angeles Kings live stream this year, continue with the article.

To everyone’s knowledge, there are two ways to stream NHL games, via TV streaming or online streaming.

TV networks for Los Angeles Kings live

National Hockey League is one of the four major sports leagues in the United States and Canada to have separate national broadcaster. So, NHL is shown on national TV in the United States and Canada. Well, other regional networks come to play, as well.

But the privilege to enjoy NHL on national TV is available in the US, Canada, and a few other countries. The rest has to enjoy NHL on the regional network, facing national blackout.

The national broadcasting right in the US is currently held by NBC Sports.

NHL live on NBC in the US

NBCUniversal and NBCSN will also televise NHL in the US. NBCSN is liable to televise two regular games every week. While NBC shows afternoon games but on selected weekends. NBCUniversal holds exclusive rights of Wednesday Night NHL games, all games aired by NBC network. NBCUniversal also holds rights of all Stanley Cup games beginning in the sound round of the competition.

Playoffs and finals will be shown jointly on NBCSN and NBCUniversal.

Los Angeles Kings live stream
Los Angeles Kings live stream

Other regional networks will televise the local team. NBC Sports Regional Networks, Fox Sports Networks, MSG Network, and AT&T SportsNet are regional broadcaster available in the US. The games that are not shown on national TV, NBC Sports, will be available on these networks.

NHL Live in Canada

Rogers Communications owns the national broadcasting rights of NHL in Canada. Rogers Communications televise hockey games nationally on their cable networks like SportsNet. Also, Rogers have CBC to air Saturday Night games only during the regular season and playoffs.

Hockey Night Canada is a long tradition in the country. So, anyone with Rogers Communications’ cable connection can watch Hockey Night Canada telecast for free.

Los Angeles Kings free streaming

Rogers Communications also operates NHL GameCenter. NHL GameCenter is the Canadian version of NHL TV. If you have an NHL GameCenter pass, you can every NHL game broadcast nationally on CBC and SportsNet. The network has not put any blackout on national games.

If you haven’t subscribed to NHL GameCenter, it will cost you $170 per season. But, if you buy whilst the season is running, you will have to spend $200. NHL GameCenter gives playoff only pass for $75.

Though there is not national blackout with NHL GameCenter, there is still lock blackout.

Eg. Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket have regional rights to broadcast Los Angeles Kings games. If you live in Los Angeles, NHL GameCenter will not broadcast the LA Kings games due to local blakout. But, if you live in Dallas or Chicago, you can watch the Kings games on NHL GameCenter.

To avoid a local blackout, you can use a VPN service.

NHL games on Regional Networks in the US

NHL games involving US teams will be shown on regional networks. There are a majority of NHL games that will be shown on regional networks. If you follow your local team in NHL, you need access to your local sports channel.

You can’t stream such local games on NHL TV, because of the national blackout, but are shown on regional networks. The two of the biggest regional sports networks in the US are Comcast and Fox Sports. If your local TV cable connection has access to these networks, you can stream the local NHL games.

If your local cable provider doesn’t have any regional sports networks, you can stream hockey games online. Here are some streaming services that offer Regional Sports Networks (RSNs).

Watch Los Angeles Kings games Online

Sling TV is one of the streaming services available only in the US that offers RSNs. Besides, it also gives access to NHL Network, which will let you watch the games that are broadcast on the national network.

If you want RSNs with Sling TV, you have to subscribe to a Sling TV Blue package. The Sling TV Blue package offers NBC and Fox Sports. The package will cost you $30 per month. But, if you are new to the streaming service, you can have it for $20, but the price will increase after the first month.

You will have a 7-day trial with Sling TV.

Hulu Live with TV

Hulu Live with TV costs $40 per month. It gives access to Fox Sports and NBC RSNs.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers NBC and Fox Sports RSNs. But, a basic package will not cut it. If you wish to watch NHL on NBC, you need PlayStation Vue Core plan worth $45 per month. For Fox Sports, you need an Elite plan worth $55 per month.

DirectTV Now

Besides Sling TV, NHL Network is only accessible with DirectTV Now. So, you can stream both locally and nationally televised hockey games with DirectTV Now.

You can subscribe to DirecTV Now for $50 per month.

YouTube TV

It costs you $35 per month. YouTube TV gives access to NBC and Fox Sports RSNs. You can follow other NHL franchises like Florida Panthers using this service.

Watch NHL outside the US in HD

For the most part, outside the US or Canada, you can buy an NHL TV subscription. NHL TV will give you access to every single NHL game, regular games as well as the playoffs. So, with NHL TV, viewers outside the US or Canada can enjoy Los Angeles Kings’ live stream at the fullest. Also, you can watch the games in HD quality.

You can access NHL TV for $100 per season. But, the amount depends on where you live. To know more about NHL TV costs, you can visit the NHL TV official site.

There are several regional and national broadcaster to telecast NHL outside the US and Canada.

 Broadcast Partner  Country
 Premier Sports  United Kingdom
 Setanta Sports  Ireland
 Foxtel  Australia
 NOVA Sport  Czech Republic/ Slovakia
 ESPN American  Pan European/ Sub-Saharan Africa
 Canal Plus Sports  France/ Monaco/Switzerland
 Zuku Sports/ Setanta Sports  Sub-Saharan Africa
Sport TV  Portugal